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Changing your diet can often improve your Chronic Fatigue Syndrome symptoms

Sunday, May 9th, 2010

If you wake up tired every night you may be suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.  The cure could be as simple as changing your diet and eating better foods.  There are people who sleep 8+ hours a night, night after night and still feel tired.  The tired that keeps them from having energy past 2 pm in the afternoon.

There are studies that have been done that say that nearly 20% of America has fatigue symptoms that interfere with their daily lives.   The primary reasons that can cause this is every between eating a poor diet, to drinking too much caffeine, inactivity / lack of exercise and excessive stress in ones daily life.

Cutting out the caffeine in ones diet, over time, can help the fatigue by allowing your body to recover from being over stimulated on a daily basis.  Exercise can help speed up the metabolism to heal and recover.

Diet; can have a large part to play in fatigue from everything from being anemic to having low energy.

Those that are anemic and suffering from low iron have less red blood cells to move oxygen around the body.  When the body has less oxygen then it feels tired and doesn’t have the energy.  Some people also have deficiencies in B12 a common ingredient in energy drinks (which is why they give you energy).

Adding more green leafy vegetables and live foods that contain iron and b12 could help improve ones fatigue.  The old addage, you are what you eat, is very true.