Yuppie Flu or Adrenal Burnout

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Yuppie Flu or Adrenal Burnout are both names that Chronic Fatigue Syndrome used to be called before it became known as CFS.  They describe the same physical state, the state of fatigue and overwhelm where the body doesn’t feel like it can go.  Pushing to hard, dealing with stress, is how CFS was originally named Yuppie Flu and/or Burnout.

Some of the typical culprits of what could be behind CFS is a lack of fiber in ones diet, not eating enough vegetables, eating to much sugar and high sugar foods, not drinking enough water, consuming to much caffeine and coffee, to much high fat in your diet from meat and other sources, food allergies such as soy, dairy, peanut, etc; and the big one, stress.  To much of the bad stuff, not enough of the good stuff can cause your body to go into stress mode and cause problems, that result in CFS.

There is hope, you can turn things around.  Drinking 10-12 glasses of water a day, doing a cleanse, eating more fruits and veggies and other live foods. Cutting back on the bad things like sugar, highly processed foods, meat and other animal products, and stress.

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